Geem Yoonjee

Cell63 art platform - Allestr 38, 12049 Berlin

  10 February – 14 March 2017

Opening: 10 February 7pm

During the opening, the visual works of Yoonjee Geem will be accompany by live classical music specially realised for the occasion by the young Korean composer Jongin Moon together with the artist.

The exhibition will be open from 10 February until 14 March 2017 and will present a selection of works from 2016.
The concept of time is at the core of Yoonjee Geems’ works. Since the beginning of her artistic experience, the artist has been analysing the physical and philosophical aspects of this concept with the aim of reaching that impalpable, invisible immateriality strictly related to its amorphous essence. Her work can be easily described as an attempt to visualize this immaterial concept, to transform it into something palpable, with the aim to stimulate in the observer a physical response.
Simulating the transition from day to night, her works are the result of the exposition to different kind of lightings, showing on their skin the signs of time’s transformative effect.